Your Workplace

When we first started The Treatment Table it was with the idea that a mobile company could benefit the many people who can’t make time for scheduled appointments, or who are unable to make it to a particular location. Catering to these people has meant that we can offer treatment in the comfort of their own homes, or at work.

We work with several local companies within the Liverpool city centre and Wirral, and can set up our mobile clinic in any small office or work space. We’re happy to arrange a time  that’s works around employee hours.

We bring everything with us, including the treatment bed, oils and towels to the designated private room – we also provide signage so that operations can continue as usual while we work. We also accept medical cover, so costs can often be claimed back by your employees.

Treatments such as the ones we administer can be extremely beneficial to the workplace. You may find that sickness rates are reduced, and that employees are much more productive when they are in work – all of which allows you to operate your business more effectively.