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Physiotherapy can be utilised to regain your normal range of motion and functions, reduce pain, tightness and swelling, and to re-educate the body to work fully.

Lady performing exercise using resistant band


At Treatment Table, we form our expert opinions on physiotherapy and sports injury based on clinical reasoning and thorough clinical examination.

Lady performing exercise using resistant band

Neck and back pain

Eliminate pain from poor posture, bad driving position or years of bad lifting.


Ensure correct rehab of this pain and common condition by getting to the source of the pain.

Tendon injuries

Treat and reload inflamed and sore tendons correctly to prevent injury reoccurrence.

Ligament injuries

We perform rigorous testing and meticulous treatment to battle these stubborn joint problems.

Shin splints

Wipe out these 'over use' injuries with targeted treatment and correction of biomechanics.

Wrist and hand pain

Get the correct diagnosis and pin-point treatment to protect your hands from pain!

Muscle strains

75% of all pain is Musculoskeletal. Let the experts deal with the problem for you correctly.

Sports injuries

Always perform to the peak of your powers, whatever your level, sports injuries affect us all.

Lady performing exercise using resistant band