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May 11, 2017

Preventing Runner’s Feet

Jamie Fullerton
Head Physiotherapist
Lady performing exercise using resistant band
As a runner, the importance of nurturing your feet should come as no surprise. After all they are quite literally, the foundation of your running. Ignore caring for your feet and they will most definitely fail you on the road!

Here are our top tips on keeping your feet nourished and nails healthy and maintaining optimum performance…

Choose shoes and socks wisely
  • Trainers should be half a size bigger than normal, but make sure that they’re fitted properly… If you’re shoes are too loose, they’ll cause nothing but problems for your feet and even legs. Too tight or too short and they may cause black toenails and soreness. If the shoes are too wide and loose, your feet will slide around the shoe, causing friction, leading to blisters and further pain.
  • The best socks for running are lightweight and made from water-resistant materials which still allow the skin on your foot to breath. This is so that you can prevent the undue friction which leads to blisters.
  • Remember that you will also have to test out your training socks with your running shoes. The brand, style, and fabric that works the best for you will make a huge difference to your overall comfort and finding the right combination may even slightly enhance your performance.
Look after your toenails
  • Never force removal of a damaged nail.
  • Ensure feet are kept dry after a shower to avoid a fungal infection.
  • Long and untrimmed nails lead to the sort of strain that can create blood pooling under the nail and long untrimmed nails can cut into the neighbouring toes - not nice!
  • Leave enough time to see a podiatrist for any advice, queries or problems…The night before the race isn’t long enough! If you take your running seriously, this is hugely important. Prevention is better than cure!
Pay more attention to your feet
  • The skin on our feet tends to be thick, bumpy and dry. The unwelcome news is, as a runner, dry skin can lead to heel fissures - this is when the dry skin cracks, bleeds and causes extreme discomfort.
  • What’s more, the repetitive impact of running can exacerbate the cracks, making them more prone to infection. Be sure to book an appointment with a podiatrist for a medical pedicure to keep your feet healthy.
  • If you suffer from blisters on a regular basis, you MUST apply a high quality moisturiser daily. Apply the cream directly to the skin and also on the outside of your socks to reduce any unnecessary friction, i.e. the primary cause of blisters.

If you would like further advice regarding your feet or anything foot related, then please call or email us on 0151 559 1107 / for an appointment with our podiatrist. If you are training for an event and struggling with pain due to injury then please let us help you!

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